• Modern equipment with good quality and reasonable price! In its construction are taken into consideration best agricultural practices.Constructed under the existing international standards complying with the safety  requirements.
  • The quality is important! Clean design, easy maintenance, good repair suitability, high efficiency, all gathered together in “Perla” machinery for soil cultivation.
  • Challenge us! You have a new idea and want it to be realized in your machines, it is necessary just one call and with the help of our specialists and technical base, we will realize your projects.
  • „Perla” plant-protection machinery - quality with traditions! For us it is essential your crops to be sprayed qualitatively, that's why we offer machinery for plant protection, which guarantees good results.
  • We take care about your machines! The company offers warranty and after-sale service of the  purchased “Perla” machinery. Fast delivery of spare parts, assemblies and components.
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The hydraulic rollers manufactured by “Perla” JSC Nova Zagora are intended for compacting the soil layer after sowing and are conducive to increase germination when sown crops.

With the use of hydraulic rollers, farmers achieve a high productivity, low power consumption while providing better yields.



  • Working width of 4.0 m and 6.0 m;
  • Produced in in variants with grapple or disc wheels;
  • Heavy construction, in order to pack the upper soil layer in depth up to 4 cm;
  • Suitable for tractors in the power range from 80 hp to 100 hp.

Product product type working width,m
working speed, km/h
packing depth, mm working capacity, dka/h required tractor, hp
PERLA 4.0 trailed 4 to 10
40 to 30 50-80
PERLA 6.0 trailed 6
to 10
to 60
  • International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA

    15 Februari, 2011

    Once again, Perla JSC Nova Zagora will present their products on International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA. It will be held from 09.03.2011 until 13.03.2011 in Plovdiv. Read more...