• Modern equipment with good quality and reasonable price! In its construction are taken into consideration best agricultural practices.Constructed under the existing international standards complying with the safety  requirements.
  • The quality is important! Clean design, easy maintenance, good repair suitability, high efficiency, all gathered together in “Perla” machinery for soil cultivation.
  • Challenge us! You have a new idea and want it to be realized in your machines, it is necessary just one call and with the help of our specialists and technical base, we will realize your projects.
  • „Perla” plant-protection machinery - quality with traditions! For us it is essential your crops to be sprayed qualitatively, that's why we offer machinery for plant protection, which guarantees good results.
  • We take care about your machines! The company offers warranty and after-sale service of the  purchased “Perla” machinery. Fast delivery of spare parts, assemblies and components.
  • Your opinion matters to us! Feedback with customers is a top priority for the company. We build our ideas on your experience!
Effective solution from Perla JSC for opposition of the economical crisis

The upcoming 2011 will be characterized by the ongoing crisis in the economy of our country. A necessary condition for counteract is taking adequate measures stimulating the consumption related to offering more diversified, efficient and inexpensive production.

In agriculture, this is the introduction of new and alternative methods of soil tillage and use of precise machinery to implement the plant-protection activities in order to decrease the cost of production of agricultural products.
The main priority of Perla JSC е  is to create and design its products so that they comply both with global trends and the Bulgarian agricultural conditions. In each product are invested own ideas and developments, based on our long experience and good cooperation with customers.
Therefore Perla JSC Nova Zagora offers highly productive, modern and   easy to operate machines that can be obtained at a reasonable price compared to Western European modifications.
To achieve high productivity and minimize the soil processing activities, Perla JSC developed and recommends you a new series of disc harrows "LM"..
Disc harrow LM 500, with a working width of 5.0 m  was shown for the first time at the exhibition "Agriculture and everything for it" in Dobrich City in August 2009 and was demonstrated in September in the land of Nova Zagora.
This is a combined machine, which construction of the frame and knuckled joint of the wings, allow very good copying of the terrain.
Its use ensures several   simultaneous operations in one run in the following working zones:

  • Zone with working discs - disc sections are equipped with discs with a diameter of 610 mm. Bearing body, which is developed by Perla JSC does not require maintenance for 5000 dka. It does not penetrate dust and moisture, which gives him a long and smooth operating life. The zone with working discs ensures effective crushing and mixing of plant waste to the soil layers.
  • Zone with soil-loosening working elements -located between the front notched disc sections and the rear plain disc sections. The depth of loosening, which can be achieved during processing е 25-30 cm. Alignment is implemented through stepped holes to each of the holders. Loosening delivers enough air in the soil to improve its permeability and to create favorable conditions for germination of the seeds after sowing.
  • Zone with sealing pipe rollers – for perfect alignment and sealing of the upper soil layer after processing. Alignment of the pressure to the soil is via hydraulic cylinders.

    Disc harrows of LM series   are offered with working width of 4 m to 6 m. They are designed for tractors in the power range from 250 h.p to 400 h.p.
    The combination of affordable price, good efficiency, easy operation and setting ,  makes them extremely suitable for use at farm.

    To achieve the desired precision in the implementation of plant protection measures, Perla JSC recommends you the use of bar sprayer "PERLA 2500".
    Spraying of the preparation is carried out at a pressure of 4-5 atmospheres ensured by membrane pump with a debit of 230 l / min and qualitative slot nozzles. The height adjusting, shrinking and expanding of the twenty meters bar system is hydraulic. The triple nozzle bodies are equipped with slot nozzles with dimensions consistent with those used by the client. Changing the type of nozzle is easy with just a switch to the desired position. The anti-drip spraying device prevents the expiration of a working fluid in case of drop in the pressure supply from the pump under 2 atm.
    Depending on the type of the terrain on which will be used the sprayer, the bar system may be of a size of 16 m or 18 m.
    The machine is equipped with a main tank with capacity of 2500 l, tank for washing the system after handling and with a reservoir for clean water
    In order to control costs and properly dosed   preparation,  PERLA 2500 is equipped with a device for mixing the preparation. It is located in easily and convenient place to work and after the mixing the preparation is sucked automatically in the main tank with water.
    Large clearance of the sprayer, allows its use   in advanced stages of the plant growth without breaking the stems.
    By client request the machine can be equipped with computerized system.

    The product range of the company is presented by disc harrows with working widths from 1,3 m to 11,0 m - with vertical or horizontal retraction of the disk sections, sprayers for plant protection with bar, fan or in a combination of both spraying systems, cultivators for merged processing - mounted and trailed. The product that provoked interest and is recommended by our customers is the so-called Cultivator -grubber for combined soil tillage.

  • International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA

    15 Februari, 2011

    Once again, Perla JSC Nova Zagora will present their products on International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA. It will be held from 09.03.2011 until 13.03.2011 in Plovdiv. Read more...